De Beekse Toren

• Historical monument on the Vrijthof square

Group tours

Group tours by appointment are possible all year round. For bookings, please contact:

Beekse Toren Foundation
Bob Duijvestijn
tel: +31 13 505 19 96


Bezoek Hilvarenbeek
Vrijthof 11 Hilvarenbeek
tel: +31 13 505 24 58

The rate for a group tour by appointment is € 35,- per group of up to 12 people. Duration approximately 1 hour. Due to the capacity of the stair tower, groups with more than 15 people are divided into two or more groups during the climb.

Package “A taste of Hilvarenbeek: visit the tower and the Roos brewery”

Visit the tower’s heritage museum, climb the tower’s six attics and enjoy the sweeping views. Afterwards, let yourself be guided around Museumbrouwerij De Roos. This is the only authentic village brewery in the Netherlands (existing since 1877) where you can see how beer was brewed in the past. Afterwards you can taste the delicious Roos beers (or other drinks) in the tasting room.

Duration approximately 2.5 hours. Rate: € 12.00 per person, including a Roos beer afterwards. Suitable for 10 to 20 people.

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