De Beekse Toren

• Historical monument on the Vrijthof square

4th attic

The stool for the church bells is made out of oak and is a reconstruction of the original design. An original beam bears the inscription 1549.

The so-called Johanna van Brabant bell (chimes every day at 21:00 hrs) remembers the fact that this duchess of Brabant was saved from the swamps through which she travelled from Brussels to ‘s-Hertogenbosch in 1390. The real name of this old bell is Lucas. It was made by Jasper Moer in 1536.

A large bell made in Mechelen by Jan Waghevens in 1541 is called Hylwaris. It used to be a firebell. It bears an image of St. John the Baptist.

A large bell made in Antwerp by Joris Dumery in 1737.

A new bell from 1980 donated by father Manders, named Kees.

The newest bell from 2010 by Rudolf Perner, Passau.

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