De Beekse Toren

• Historical monument on the Vrijthof square

What to see here?

The tower is made of bricks and some layers of natural stone - tuff stone from the first church on this spot - and is 74.5m (225 feet) high.The statues on the outside are made of sandstone: the one on the north side of the tower depicts St. Clara, patroness of beautiful weather (a sausage should be offered to her here!). The statue left of the door depicts St. Peter, with fishing net and, to the right, St. Adrian of Hilvarenbeek, one of 19 martyrs from Gorkum who died by hanging (see rope) during the Dutch Revolt. He has a monstrance in his hand.

An ascent of the tower gives access to a total of 6 ‘attics’. Visit the heritage gallery, with a permanent exhibition about Hilvarenbeek’s rich history and its unique tower; an attic with some old timepieces; the bell attic with its age-old bells and, above, the carillon. Then enjoy the stunning views from the lookout attic.

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